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Bronco Leads the Charge as Ford was America's Top 4x4 Brand in 2022

Bronco Leads the Charge as Ford was America's Top 4x4 Brand in 2022

Hey, fellow Bronco fans! So, did you know that April 4 is also known as 4x4 Day? Well, Ford sure had a blast celebrating it as America's top dog when it comes to 4x4 trucks and SUVs in 2022. They've got a sweet lineup of four-wheel powered rides like the Explorer, Expedition Timberline, our beloved Bronco, and the F-150 Raptor R. Talk about having the perfect set of wheels to help you hit the trails, set up camp, or go on those wild adventures!

2022 Ford Sales Chart

It's been two years since the Bronco hit the market, and guess what? Sales are still going strong! It seems like everyone just can't get enough of this legendary off-roader. The Bronco Raptor, in particular, has been a massive hit. It's got that amazing combo of rugged charm, high-tech features, and a timeless design that we all know and love. Long-time Bronco fans are thrilled, and it's even drawing in a whole new crowd of off-road adventurers.

The Ford Bronco's ongoing success just goes to show that Ford is totally committed to giving us the best when it comes to innovation, quality, and performance. With the Bronco leading the pack, it's pretty clear that Ford is gonna rule the 4x4 scene for a long, long time.

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