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Street Warrior Intake Manifold

SKU: W00G 8124WND


Don't settle for weak performance. The all new SB Chevy Street Warrior delivers brutal low-end torque and killer horsepower throughout useable RPM range! The battleground has changed in the performance world. Most of the intakes on the market were developed 20+ years ago when typical engines were 283-350 cubic inches. Not so anymore. With the popularity of larger stroker engines and more efficient cylinder head and cam designs came the need for intake manifolds to support these combinations. Designed with Computational Fluid Dynamics software, the Street Warrior intake rises to the challenge and delivers the performance to conquer the competition! Want maximum horsepower and torque from today's engines Choose Street Warrior! ** Designed specifically for 1955-86 and 1987 & later with aluminum heads (Corvette) Small Block Chevy Gen I engine applications


  • Low Rise/Dual Plane Design Builds Maximum Torque
  • Square Bore Carburetor Mounting Flange
  • Permanent Mold Castings Process For Lighter/Smoother/Better Looks
  • Exhaust Crossover For Improved Street Drivability
  • Idle-5500 RPM Power Band
  • Height Front 3.82 in.; Rear 4.75 in.
  • Port Size 1.82 in Height x 1.02 in. Width
  • Satin Finish

Street Warrior (TM) Intake Manifold | Lower | Power Band Idle-5500 RPM | Low Rise/Dual Plane | Square Bore Carb Mounting Flange | 3.82 in. Front H/4.75 in. Rear Height | Satin Finish |