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Ready To Wash System

SKU: W004 8ARTW1


The all-in-one Ready-to-Wash System includes the essential tools that assist in providing your vehicle with the professional shine it deserves. The system includes a bucket, Roll & Wash dolly, a vented lid seat, an insert to prevent debris from making its way to vehicle surfaces and a wash mitt holder.


  • All In One Ready To Wash System
  • Roll And Wash Dolly
  • Vented Lid Seat
  • An Insert To Prevent Debris From Making It To Your Vehicle
  • Wash Mitt Holder

Ready To Wash (TM) System; Rolling Dolly; Bucket w/Vented Lid Seat; Grit Grate; Mitt Saver;

Note: This is a special order part and may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times may vary.