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Roller Rocker Arm Set; 1.6 Ratio 5/16 Stud; Pedestal Mount; Fits Ford 302Ho/351W

SKU: P022 66879


PROFORM Super Street Aluminum Roller Rockers have a beautiful anodized finish, extremely tight tolerances, and upgraded cage bearings. Fits Ford S/B aluminum cylinder heads, pedestal mount '77-'94, 302HO and 351W hydraulic and roller cams. Rid your engine of internal friction with roller-tipped rocker arms. The race-proven full needle bearing, fulcrum, and roller tip not only unleash horsepower, they also lengthen valve train component life and reduce wear and tear on valve stem tips. Precision machined to insure consistency and ratio accuracy.

Engine Roller Rocker Arm Set | 1.6 Ratio 5/16 Stud | Pedestal Mount | Extruded Aluminum Type with Roller Needle Bearing Trunions | Fits Ford 1977-1994 302HO and 351W Engines With Hydraulic and Roller Cams | Poly Locks Included | One Set of 16 pcs