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Ford Alternator; 100 Amp; 1-Wire; Machined Pulley; Chrome; 100% New

SKU: P022 66445.1F

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PROFORM's 100 AMP Alternator, for Ford 260-460 engines, is a 1-wire, GM 10 SI Case Style complete with Internal Regulator. The External Fan Style Alternator features a Machined Pulley, Chrome Finish and is NOT made with re-man components. Each alternator is produced by highly specialized machines, assembled by highly trained personnel using dedicated jigs and equipment - 100% New. Sold individually.

Alternator | 100 AMP Model | GM 10SI Designed For Ford Applications | 1-Wire Style With Int. Regulator | Machined Pulley | Chrome Finish | 100% New | Sold Individually

Note: This is a special order part and may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times may vary.