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KC C-Series C10 10" LED Side Flood 4-Light M-Rack

SKU: K004 9814


KC's C-Series LED Area Flood Lights utilizes ultra-wide 120-degree flood reflector optics to provide smooth and evenly distributed light across a horizontal field of vision.


  • 120 degree Scene Beam Pattern For Evenly Distributed Lighting
  • Designed to Fit Inside KC M-RACKS Roof Racks for Powerful Peripheral Lighting Output
  • Dual Oversized Heat Sink Design for Cooler, Brighter and Longer Lasting LED Performance
  • Durable Diecast 6063 Aluminum Housing
  • Gore(R) Military Grade Breather Membrane to prevent condensation and entry of dust/contaminants
  • Ideal for Illuminating Immediate Areas as a Scene, Work or Effective Backup Reverse light
  • UV Resistant Black Powder Coated Housing

KC's 10 in C-Series Area Flood Lghts are designed to mount to existing cut-outs on all KC M-RACKS. Ea 100W light uses an ultra-wide 120 degree Scene Beam Pttrn to provide powerful peripheral illumination around your vehicle. Sold in 4 pack.