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KC Apollo Pro Halogen 5" Spot 2-Light System

SKU: K004 450


Different beam patterns offer advantages depending on your specific lighting needs. Spot Beam- Provides focused bright light for maximum forward distance and high-speed visibility. The Apollo Pros were created for the most demanding off road terrains. Featuring an IP67 rated Polymax housing and built in stone guards, these lights are engineered to last and perform for years to come.


  • Deluxe Wiring Harness with 2-Pin weatherproof connectors
  • Durable Optical Quality Glass Lens
  • Spot Beam Pattern
  • Computer Designed Polished Reflector Optics

5 in Apollo Halogen use 55w Halogen bulbs available in a spot beam pattern, slim black polymax housing and glass lens, with built in protective stone guards. Includes complete pre-terminated relay wiring harness.