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KC Cyclone V2 LED Under Hood 2-Light System

SKU: K004 355


Off-road race tested, the Cyclone V2 LED was designed to handle the harshest environments. Featuring an IP68 rated housing, the Cyclone V2 LED kit is resistant to moisture and dust. The 5W Cyclone V2 LED light uses a multi-functional compact design delivering 600 lumens of LED output. These extremely bright Cyclone kits are perfect for illuminating your engine bay and any hard-to-see areas under the hood. The Cyclone V2 LED comes in a flood beam pattern to provide a large pattern of light by utilizing an infinite vertical and horizontal beam pattern. This delivers ample illumination over short distances.Cyclone LED lights feature extremely low amp draw and high output in a compact package C-Series light bar features an extruded aluminum housing, aluminum core PCBs with thermal management and lexan lenses. What you get is a perfect balance of affordable performance with maximum efficiency, stability and reliability.


  • IP68 rated waterproof sealing
  • One Cyclone V2 puts out 600 RAW lumens of light for vibrant visibility
  • Package includes all necessary wiring
  • Wiring, weatherproof switch, and mounting hardware

Cyclone LED under hood kits illuminate your engine bay with very low AMP draw and are easy to mount no matter what vehicle you own. These universal LED kits come with 1 or 2 Cyclone lights, wiring, weatherproof switch, and hardware.