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KC Cyclone V2 LED Flood Diffused Light

SKU: K004 1359


Cyclone V2 LED lights feature a die-cast aluminum housing with a centrally located universal mounting hole. These Cyclone kits come with the necessary hardware to attach your Cyclone LED light(s) under the hood of your vehicle with minimal installation time, effort, or fuss.Independent Amber LED BacklightCombo Beam Pattern: 12 degree Spot; 30 degree SpreadIP68 RatedIP68 water and dust protection with a redesigned industry-leading multi-slide die-cast construction.Combo Beam Pattern: 12 degree Spot; 30 degree SpreadCombo Beam Pattern: 8 degree Spot; 90 degree SpreadMachined Accent BezelCombo Beam Pattern: 8 degree Spot; 90 degree SpreadSignature KC FLEX Aesthetic90 degree Flood Beam Pattern OpticsCyclone V2 LEDs use a die-cast aluminum base that provides strength, rigidity while providing great heat dissipation. The impact-resistant polycarbonate hard-coated lens will survive the toughest of terrains. Rated at IP68, the Cyclone V2 LED is sealed and water-resistant giving you the flexibility to traverse into the most demanding trails.Thermal LED ProtectionCombo Beam Pattern: 8 degree Spot; 90 degree SpreadCombo Beam Pattern: 8 degree Spot; 90 degree SpreadCombo Beam Pattern: 8 degree Spot; 90 degree SpreadOffering an efficient high-output to draw, it's not uncommon to see over a dozen Cyclones installed on a rig. Everywhere from the under the hood, wheel wells, the underbelly, to the interior of your cabin it's never been easier, to put light where it's needed.The 5W Cyclone V2 LED light uses a multi-functional compact design delivering 600 lumens of LED output and is incredibly bright. Originally designed for Off-Road Racers as an interior dome light, the Cyclone LED light has evolved into an all-purpose light for rock crawling, engine bays, wheel wells, truck beds, grills, bumpers, and an infinite amount of lighting applications. This is due to its compact 2.2 in diameter, flat .53 in height, and bright flood pattern. In classic FLEX tradition, make it yours with cu


  • 600 RAW lumens of light output for vibrant visibility
  • Diffused Lens
  • Each Light Sold Individually
  • Easy Attachment via Dzus clip or Hardware
  • Flood Light Pattern
  • IP 68 Rated Waterproof Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Replaceable Colored Lens Options

Cyclone V2 Diffused LED is a 5 watt, multi-functional, compact auxiliary LED lighting solution with replaceable colored lens options. Ideal for rock crawling, in engine bays, as dome lights, inside wheel wheels & more.

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