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Rubber Front Mud Flaps - 12" with Weight

SKU: H008 55001


Bolt on protection against gravel, grit and all manner of muck. MudDog Mud Flaps give you a 12" wide, impact-resistant barrier that's easy to install in minutes with just a few screws. Comes in your choice of mirrored nish anchor weight, or Matte black nish. Like all Husky products, they're guaranteed for life, and made with pride.


  • They're built for abuse that'd leave lesser aps shaking in their wheel wells. Gives virtually any truck that sleek, factory look and fit.
  • MudDog delivers 12-inches of coverage against whatever the road kicks up. Its tough, impact-resistant material is built to repel rock no matter where you roll.
  • With Husky MudDog, installation has never been easier. Just turn a couple of screws and you're back on the road.
  • Some like it shiny, some don't. Choose between stainless steel finish or matte black, Husky Liner MudDog is available in whichever you prefer.
  • When we say it's guaranteed for life, that exactly what we mean. If you have a problem, we'll replace it. No hassles, no guff. For details, visit HuskyLiners.com/lifetime-warranty
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Winfield, Kansas in the heart of the USA
  • Designed to fit almost any truck.
  • Built to withstand whatever the road throws their way.
  • Installation is a snap!
  • Stainless steel accent or matte black finish---you decide.

Made in the USA!

This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.