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Ford Oval Neon Sign in Metal Can


Ford Oval Neon Sign in Metal Can is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


This is the perfect gift for any Ford fan! Our Neon Signs in Metal Cans feature multi-colored, hand blown neon tubing. The glass tubes are surrounded by a sturdy, commercial-grade metal housing.

All you do is hang it up and plug it in, no assembly or special wiring required. For indoor use only.

Dimensions: 30" x 12" x 4"

Weight: 18 lbs

Note: Shipping to lower 48 states only.

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford with $28,000 and the backing of seven additional investors (including John and Horace Dodge). After production of a relatively small number of vehicles in its first few years, Ford introduced the mass-produced Model T in 1908 and continued its production until 1927. Due in large part to Ford Motor Company's introduction in 1913 of numerous methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars, including some of the first moving automotive assembly lines, the company went on to sell over 15 million vehicles over that nearly 20 year period. Known for its iconic Mustang, Thunderbird, and F-Series (among others) Ford Motor Company has one of the world’s most recognizable brands.