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Replacement Prolink Rubber Guard

SKU: F00X 00014



  • Made of pure high durometer EPDM rubber
  • The unique ribbed design of the barbs allow for multiple installation and removal cycles without destroying the barbs.
  • Once installed, the Rubber Guard will not come loose and will protect both Hawse and Roller fairleads from scratching.
  • Place the ProLink/FlatLink Rubber Guard barbs up on a flat surface. Moisten the barbs with soapy water or glass cleaner and place the ProLink/FlatLink on top of the Rubber Guard carefully aligning the barbs to the mating holes. Apply firm uniform pressure until all barbs have engaged into holes.
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

RP_ProLink Rubber Guard

Made in the USA!

Note: This is a special order part and may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times may vary.