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Cylinder Head Assembled Z2 5.0L/5.8L Windsor

SKU: F009 M-6049-Z2


Over the years, racing has become big business for teams, sponsors, and manufacturers around the world. However, 'grassroots' motorsports remain at the core of Ford's DNA. Grassroots performance began with Ford and has become a part of American culture. The Model A is the most modified car in history, and enthusiasts the world over continue to embrace Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln cars and trucks from the 1930s right on through to today. Road racers, drag racers. circle track competitors and street rodders have channeled, stepped-on, hopped-up, chopped down and modified their favorite cars to excel on the street, at the track, and in car shows. The Ford Mustang immediately became part of this culture when it was introduced in 1964-and remains a staple of grassroots performance to this day. In 2014, Mustang marks 50 years of winning, and has driven its way into racing history. Moreover, the car's appeal is universal; a recent European study identified Mustang as the most desirable classic car in Europe. Motorsports continue to evolve, with advances in technology and greater demand for smaller powertrains, as well as growing appetite for new formats like Rally Cross and Drifting. How it develops in the next 50 years remains to be seen, but we intend to be there to celebrate it, thanks to passionate enthusiasts like you, who have driven the success of Ford, Ford Racing and Mustang since the beginning.


  • Cast From Prime A356 T6 Aluminum
  • Retains Ford OEM Intake/Exhaust Port Location
  • 20 Degree Inline Valve Angle
  • Premium Stainless Steel Valves; 2.05 in. Intake/1.60 in. Exhaust
  • 145 lbs. @ 1.80 in. Valve Spring Closed Pressure
  • 358 lbs. @ 1.175 in. Valve Spring Open Pressure
  • Coil Bind at 1.100 in.; 0.650 in. Max Lift
  • Steel Alloy Intake/Exhaust Valve Seats
  • Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides
  • 63cc Combustion Chamber
  • Made in the USA

Cylinder Head | Cast Aluminum Head | w/Velocity Vane Intake Port Design |

Made in the USA!