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Shift Improver Kit Automatic Transmission Shift Kit

SKU: B00M 40263

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The B&M Shift Improver kits feature two options to recalibrating your 1980-1992 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury AOD automatic transmissions. First is the HEAVY DUTY set-up, giving you firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles. This is a great option for performance street driving or towing. The second is our STREET/STRIP set-up. Be warned, this will deliver firm positive shifts you will feel, along with easily chirping the tires when shifting somewhat aggressively. This setting is recommend for high performance street/strip use, or for competitive events when you want the hardest, quickest shifts possible from a shift improver kit. Note: Not for Ford AODE (electronic) transmissions.


  • Provides Crisp Shifts
  • On Any Stock Automatic Transmission
  • Eliminates Soft/Sluggish Shift
  • Eliminates Shift Overlap
  • Eliminate Clutch and Band Wear
  • Improves Transmission Life
  • Transmission Removal Not Required

Shift Improver Kit Automatic Transmission Shift Kit | Incl. Gaskets/Seals/Drill Bit/Fluid Separators |

Made in the USA!

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