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U-Groove Spark Plug Header Plug

SKU: A018 8198


ACCEL U-groove performance spark plugs produce a larger spark for more power at high RPMs. Improves throttle response and fuel economy, less fouling. Purified alumina insulator prevents arcing. Machine rolled threads protect heads.


  • Shorty Spark Plugs For Tubular Exhaust Headers
  • Eliminates Dimpling Headers For Added Clearance
  • Shorter Overall Plug Length Vs. OE Style Plug
  • Copper Core Center Electrode
  • Projected Tip
  • Helps Eliminate Burned Spark Plug Boots
  • Shorty Header Spark Plug

U-Groove Spark Plug Header Plug | 14mm Thread | .460 in. Reach | Tapered Seat | 5/8 Hex | Projected Tip | Resistor | 2 Of PN[0574S-4] | 8 Pack |