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Suspension Kit For Medium Front/Light Rear And Medium Front/Medium Rear Loads


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Old Man Emu offers a range of tuned and matched integrated suspension systems to ensure the right suspension is available for how the vehicle is outfitted and the conditions it will encounter. Old Man Emu suspension systems are designed to enhance ride quality, ride control, load-carrying capacity, and ride height. When building an off-road vehicle, it's best to notate the heavy parts that you plan to add. Heavy components will slowly begin to compress your suspension which results in vehicle sag. In order to avoid ride discomfort and having to change components down the road, plan ahead for future additions. This saves you time and money changing suspension down the road. We recommend that daily drivers consider only constant load while strictly off-road vehicles can consider both constant and gear load. Although suspension comfort is subjective, most of us aim for an enjoyable ride. In order to maximize comfort, it is best to prioritize the constant weight when choosing your Old Man Emu suspension. If you choose a suspension that is heavier than the constant load, this will likely result in a stiffer and less pleasant ride. This suspension system was designed for medium load configurations.


  • On and off-road drivability is achieved with a 2-inch lift that provides increased clearance and allows for the fitment of larger tires. Vehicles equipped with the Sasquatch package can expect approximately a .75-inch lift
  • Recommended tire size is not to exceed 35-inches without the need to replace or modify costly components
  • A range of multi rate frequency tuned coil springs were extensively developed which offers exceptional comfort at ride height and optimized control in loaded scenarios
  • Front and rear struts were tuned to match the range of springs that were developed and provide exceptional control and comfort on all types of road surfaces
  • Kit contains 8 trim packers to allow for left to right and front to rear trimming and provide flexibility to account for load and load distribution scenarios
  • The panhard relocation bracket corrects geometry at the lifted height and greatly improves vehicle dynamics
  • Designed for tougher off-road terrain and tested to exceed the OEM design
  • Optional front sway bar (OMESTAB10) is highly recommended for improved control in loaded scenarios

Old Man Emu Suspension Kit for LWB 4-Door Models with Medium Front/Medium Rear Loads, a Front Bumper or Winch, and up to 330 lbs Added Constant Rear Weight

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