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Snatch Strap 24,000 Lb



This ability to stretch is a distinction between a snatch strap and a tow strap, ARB Snatch Strap is elastic when under load whereas a tow strap is not, the benefits of which are twofold. Firstly, the kinetic energy generated by the elasticity actually aids the recovery itself, and secondly, the elasticity greatly reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage during recovery. The enormous weight of each 4x4 and the weighted force of whatever caused the immobilization puts enormous strain on the point where the strap is attached, and without some elasticity, there is a substantial risk of damaging the vehicle. For vehicle recovery, a snatch strap is more suitable than a tow strap.


  • Manufactured to the highest standards using top quality 100% nylon
  • High visibility color scheme for safer vehicle recovery
  • Features eye and seam protector sleeves with reinforced eyes for easier shackle fitment
  • Breaking strength of 24,000 lb
  • Genuine 20% stretch

ARB Snatch Strap

Note: This is a special order part and may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times may vary.