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ARB Intensity V2 LED Light Bar



The ARB Intensity V2 Light bar is a substantial upgrade from its predecessor, the Iconic Australian lightbar. It produces clean crisp light with refined color temp on the led that helps reduce eye strain and fatigue for long-distance driving and reaches amazing distances down the road to improve safety. It is an excellent choice to provide good lighting for distance as well as width. The Intensity V2 light bar uses the same optimal chassis design of the previous Intensity light, yet incoporates the latest in LED technolgy using OSRAM GIANTS and advanced optics via the latest Hyperspot technology in our combo configuration, a further refined design for our flood confgurations to extend the floods ability to drive light further down the road, as well as spreading the light in front of the vehicle. This can only be achieved by dedicated flood and spot opitcs combined into one light bar. Hyperspot is a refined optic used to focus and intensify the light output and drive the LED OSRAM GIANTS at amazing distances down the road while keeping clarity in the beam and controlling the beam pattern to the correct area on the road without spilling light into areas not required or fore filled by the flood configuration. This configuration delivers 305W out of the new AR40CV2 and produces over 25,000 Lumens.


  • High output OSRAM square LED's
  • Powder-coated aluminum extruded body
  • Dimensions - 560mm (22.1") x 91mm (3.6") x 125mm (4.9")
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • 25,080 Raw Lumens for the AR40CV2 Combo.
  • 9-36 Volts operating
  • 305 watts of power
  • 21A @ 14.4V (Requires new looms)
  • 1 Lux @ 926m (3038ft)
  • 6 degree Spread for Spot and 20 degree spread for Flood
  • Input Cable Length 400mm (15.74 )
  • Operating Temp -40C to 63C (-40F to +145F)

ARB Intensity V2 Light Bar with Combination Flood and Spot Light Spread

Made in the USA!

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