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ARB Intensity Driving LED Wiring Loom

SKU: A00L 3500520


With the introduction of the new ARB Intensity LED driving lights and their use of Deutsch waterproof connectors, ARB has developed a new loom based on the 3500440 Auxiliary Lighting Loom. The new loom features the same mouse style switch and harness, with Deutsch DT-06 connectors in place of the bullet type connectors used for ARB fog lights and IPF lights.


  • Fuse Protected Mouse Style
  • Push Button Surface Mount switch
  • 105 Degrees Celsius Automotive Grade Wiring
  • Water Proof DT-06 Connectors
  • Heavy Duty Relay w/Rubber Moister Cover
  • Pre Assembled Plug And Play Design
  • Rated For 1 Pair Of 130 Watt Lights

ARB Wiring Loom