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Compressor Pressure Control (for CKSA12/CKMA12/CKMTA12)

SKU: A00L 0830001


The engineers at ARB have been hard at work creating something exciting and unique to the market. The new ARB Pressure Control Kit offers the convenient, accurate air pressure control from the LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface to customers as an entry-level option. It delivers ARB's unmatched proprietary technology and three years of infield learnings from LINX to those with fewer accessories to integrate. More so, this incredible functionality is conveniently controlled at your fingertips with a smartphone app!


  • Inflate or deflate tires with smartphone app and regulator valve
  • View the current pressure in your tires
  • Customize four pre-set modes to set target pressure
  • Set the maximum system pressure
  • Choose your own units of measurement from kPa, bar, psi
  • Receive audio/vibration alerts when desired pressure achieved
  • Set system to only allow pressure control if engine is running
  • Initiate a recalibration of the pressure sensor via the app
  • View the current voltage of your electrical system

ARB Pressure Control for Use with ARB Air Compressors: CKSA12, CKMA12, CKMTA12