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OEM Modular Bumper Winch Plate



2021+ Bronco OEM Modular Bumper Winch Plate

Looking for a reliable and sturdy winch plate to add to your 2021+ Bronco? Look no further than the Turn Offroad EAW-M1 Modular Bumper Winch Plate.

Designed by offroad experts, this winch plate accommodates all of the most popular winch sizes, ensuring that you can pull yourself out of any sticky situation. The winch plate includes two D-ring mounts and D-rings, making it easy to hook up to your winch or pull out a friend in need.

The EAW-M1 Winch Plate is designed to work with all of Turn Offroad's modular bumper accessories, including the bull bars (EA1-M1), baja bars (EA3-M1), and brush guards (EA2-M1). This winch plate also features a high-profile design that helps to clear any obstacles in your path.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the easy bolt-on design. The winch plate also relocates the OEM parking sensors, ensuring that you don't lose any important safety features when upgrading your bumper.

The EAW-M1 Winch Plate is reinforced, gusseted, and boxed for superior strength, making it capable of accommodating up to a 12K lbs winch.

Trust Turn Offroad to provide you with the best offroad recovery gear for your 2021+ Bronco. 

Key Features
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Accommodates all of the most popular winch sizes
  • Includes 2 D-ring mounts and D-rings
  • Relocates OEM parking sensors
  • Works great with Turn Offroad modular bumper bull bars (EA1-M1), baja bars (EA3-M1), and brush guards (EA2-M1)
  • High-profile design to clear obstacles
  • Reinforced, gusseted and boxed for superior strength
  • Can accommodate up to a 12K lbs winch
  • Fits all 2021+ Broncos with OEM Modular Bumper & Bronco Raptor
  • Fits on OEM Capable front bumper


     2021+ Ford Bronco 2 and 4-Door Models

 *Is not visible on forward-facing camera.


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