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HD Tire Carrier Tailgate Reinforcement



2021+ Bronco HD Tire Carrier Tailgate Reinforcement

Introducing the TC3-M1 Tire Carrier Hinge Mount System for the 2021+ Bronco.

This innovative solution provides a full mounting system for your spare tire, while completely eliminating all stress on the OEM tailgate. The factory-installed tailgate on the 2021+ Bronco, weighing a mere 27 pounds, is burdened with supporting a tire and wheel combination that weighs 93 pounds (with Sasquatch package), putting it at risk of wear and tear and potential damage.

This creates a vulnerable situation for the tailgate, especially when larger tires are added. With the TC3-M1, you can have peace of mind knowing that your spare tire is securely mounted and your tailgate is free from unnecessary stress.

The TC3-M1 is built to last with its all-steel, double plated, and boxed design. It features CNC machined steel hinges and a brass pivot bushing for longevity, and includes a tailgate stop in the OEM position. This tire carrier hinge mount system is compatible with any rear bumper and can be used with the OEM tire carrier or TC4-M1 adjustable tire carrier.

In addition to its impressive durability and functionality, the TC3-M1 also boasts an easy bolt-on installation process and a 3-stage nanotexture powdercoat finish. The TC3-M1 also has threaded holes to add accessories and is compatible with Turn Offroad’s license plate relocation kit.

Say goodbye to the weak factory tailgate and hello to the sturdier TC3-M1 Tire Carrier Hinge Mount System.

Key Features
  • Provides full mounting solution
  • Eliminates all stress on the OEM tailgate
  • All steel, double plated and boxed design
  • Has threaded holes to add accessories
  • Brass pivot bushing for longevity
  • Includes tailgate stop in OEM position
  • Accommodates up to a 40 inch tire
  • CNC machined steel hinges
  • 3 stage nanotexture powdercoat
  • Easy bolt on installation
  • Compatible with any rear bumper
  • Compatible with Turn Offroad‚Äôs license plate relocation kit
  • Can be used with OEM tire carrier or TC4-M1 adjustable tire carrier


2021+ Ford Bronco 2 and 4-Door Models


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