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Dashboard Mount



2021+ Bronco Dashboard Mount


Looking for a versatile and rugged solution to mount your accessories in your 2021+ Ford Bronco? Look no further than the Turn Offroad Dashboard Mount, Part Number IA2-M1.

This mount features a combat-proven Picatinny rail system that is designed to hold your accessories firmly in place, no matter how rough the terrain gets. One of the standout features of this mount is its two rails, which allow you to layer mounts and devices to create endless mounting configurations.

This gives you the flexibility to customize your setup to your exact needs, whether you need to mount a GPS device, a radio, or anything else. Installation is a breeze, and can be done with or without drilling depending on your preference. And once installed, the mount provides a solid and secure platform for all of your accessories, giving you peace of mind while you're out on the trail.

If you're looking for a durable and versatile solution to mount your accessories in your 2021+ Ford Bronco, the Turn Offroad Dashboard Mount is the perfect choice. Its combat-proven Picatinny rail system and endless mounting configurations make it the ultimate accessory for any off-road enthusiast.

Don't settle for less, upgrade your Bronco with the best! 


Key Features
  • Combat Proven Picatinny Rail System
  • Holds accessories firmly in place
  • Provides two rails to layer mounts and devices
  • Comes with mounting plate
  • Installation can be done with or without drilling
  • Endless mounting configurations


    2021+ Ford Bronco 2 and 4-Door Models


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