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Adding a New Winch to Your Ride? Don't forget about RCM Calibration

Adding a New Winch to Your Ride? Don't forget about RCM Calibration

Adding a winch to your Bronco can greatly enhance its off-road capabilities, allowing you to get out of tough situations with ease. While the installation process can be relatively straightforward, it is important to understand that the addition of a winch can impact your vehicle's safety systems, and proper calibration of the restraint control module (RCM) is crucial to ensure that your airbags and seat belts function as intended.

The RCM is responsible for monitoring the vehicle's various safety systems, including airbags and seat belts, and determining whether or not they should deploy in the event of a collision. The winch and its mounting hardware can interfere with the RCM's sensors and cause incorrect readings, potentially leading to an airbag deploying unexpectedly or not deploying when it should.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to have a qualified technician at your local Ford dealer calibrate the RCM after installing a winch. This typically involves using specialized equipment to perform a series of tests and adjust the RCM's settings as needed to ensure it is functioning correctly.

It is also important to use high-quality winch components that are compatible with your Bronco, as using subpar equipment can cause further issues with the RCM and other safety systems.



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