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Unleash Your Wild Side: The Ultimate Guide to Off-Roading with the New Bronco Trail App

Unleash Your Wild Side: The Ultimate Guide to Off-Roading with the New Bronco Trail App

Hey there, fellow Bronco fans! You know what they say, the best adventures happen off the beaten path, and that's why Ford has cooked up something awesome for us – the new Bronco Trail App.

Ford just launched this sweet app at Bronco Safari 2023 in Utah, where hundreds of Bronco fans are hanging out, flexing their rides, and tackling some gnarly trails available in the app.

But here's the catch – it's only for us Bronco owners! The app's loaded with around 1,200 hand-picked off-road trail maps across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. You can also record your drives with waypoints, pics, and vids – and of course, brag about it on social media.

Bronco Trail App

And guess what? Ford's gonna keep adding more trails and features to the app. Matt Winter, the Bronco Brand Manager, says it's the perfect sidekick for us Bronco die-hards looking to make the most of our off-road adventures and connect with other off-roaders.

Once you've downloaded the Bronco Trail App and linked it to your FordPass account, you'll unlock some cool features:

  • Curated trail maps: Find about 18,000 miles of sick trails in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Filter by location, length, difficulty, and more. Save your fave trails for future fun!
  • Points of interest: Stay in the know with cool challenges, scenic spots, waypoints, and can't-miss photo ops. Save trips and add your own deets – waypoints, pics, and notes.
  • Satellite and 2D topo maps: Prep for your adventure with different map styles. No signal? No worries – you can still view downloaded maps.
  • Pressure gauge: Adjust your tire pressure like a pro with the app's real-time gauge, even when you're off-grid.
  • Adventure tracking: Bookmark and record fave trails to revisit or show off to other Bronco owners from your phone.
  • Video capturing: Record your wild rides by mounting your smartphone in your Bronco. Watch your vids in the app or on your center console, with cool overlay data like speed, RPM, distance, elevation, and more. Share your epic moments with your crew via text, social media, or online forums.

Bronco Trail App

So gear up, fellow Bronco adventurers, and let's hit those trails with the new Bronco Trail App!

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