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Rebelle Rally Bronco R on Display at SEMA 2021

Rebelle Rally Bronco R on Display at SEMA 2021

On display at SEMA this year was the #131 entry that was navigated by Kathryn Reinhardt and driven by Tori Bundrant in the 2021 Rebelle Rally last month, still wearing the dirt and grime from the race. 

For those of you that don't know, the Rebelle Rally is an all-female off-road navigation rally that takes place annually in the southwestern United States. The rally covers over 1,400 miles of challenging terrain and lasts for ten days. The rally is unique in that it emphasizes navigation skills, rather than speed, with competitors using only maps and compasses to navigate their way through the course. The rally attracts a diverse range of women from different backgrounds and with varying levels of off-road driving experience, and is designed to challenge and inspire participants. The Rebelle Rally is also committed to promoting and supporting women in the automotive and motorsports industries.

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