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Customize Your Adventure: Ford's New Bronco Packages and Vinyl Wrap Collection, Fresh from SEMA

Customize Your Adventure: Ford's New Bronco Packages and Vinyl Wrap Collection, Fresh from SEMA

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas has just wrapped up, and we're stoked to bring you the scoop on what Ford Performance Parts has in store for your favorite off-road companion.

"Ford customers love to personalize the performance and appearance of their vehicles, especially Mustang, Bronco and Ranger," Mark Wilson from Ford tells us, and we couldn't agree more. Wilson, the go-to guru for Ford North America Vehicle Personalization, says, “The Ford Performance Parts packages we're debuting combine the latest design trends with aftermarket accessories engineered to work with these vehicles out of the box." This means you're getting the coolest, most reliable upgrades that fit like a dream.

In 2024, you'll be able to snag these packages directly from the Ford Performance Parts website or mosey on down to your local dealer. Don’t worry about the nitty-gritty installation stuff; your friendly Ford dealer or any ASE-certified shop can hook you up without a hitch.

The Bronco ORV Package: Your Ticket to Off-Road Nirvana

For the adventurers among us, the Ford Performance ORV (Off-Road Vehicle) concept package is like a treasure chest of upgrades. As long as your Bronco is a Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, or Outer Banks model, and you've got the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, you're golden. 

Bronco ORV

The package starts with a robust 2.0-inch lift, courtesy of a top-notch Bilstein suspension setup and adds striking 17-inch white wheels wrapped in beefy 35-inch rubber. Under the hood, there's a custom software tune specifically designed for the 2.3-liter engine, ensuring your Bronco performs as fiercely as it presents.


But that's not all. The ORV pack amps up the Bronco's capabilities with a suite of Ford Performance options. We’re talking about a high-clearance Borla cat-back exhaust system for that satisfying growl and improved exhaust flow, an ARB jack complete with a dedicated mount for those unexpected trail-side fixes, and an underhood compressor for inflating tires after a day playing in the dunes. With these enhancements, your Bronco is not just equipped for the journey; it's built to dominate any terrain it encounters.

Personalize Your Bronco: Free Wheeling Spirit with Modern Flair

Now, let's talk looks. The Ford Accessory Personalization program is bringing back that 70s flair with the Bronco Sport Free Wheeling edition. You'll find sunset-inspired designs for a vibe that’s both laid-back and eye-catching.

Bronco Sport Free Wheeling

But the real showstopper? The Bronco Accessory Personalization concept package. Begin your beach-bound Bronco's upgrade with a 2.0-inch elevation boost from a Bilstein suspension and then up the cool factor with vintage-inspired graphics.

Bronco Beach

Embrace the breeze with an open-air Bimini roof, and add an element of rugged openness with tube doors that invite the outside in. Complementing these features are painted wheel arches and a grille plucked straight from the Outer Banks trim, encapsulating that laid-back, toes-in-the-sand vibe essential for any beach day. 

Express Yourself with Ford Vinyl Wraps

Color lovers, get excited! Ford Vinyl Wraps is launching with a kaleidoscope of 60 shades in "satin, matte, or gloss finishes." Come early 2024, you'll play designer, mixing and matching wraps on your ride before the pros take over. These wraps are made to mesh perfectly with your Ford, ensuring every sensor and system works without a glitch.

Starting in select states, the wrap program will soon spread out, adding a pop of personal flair to F-150s, Mustangs, Broncos, and Explorers all over.

So there you have it, folks. Ford's got some amazing things in the pipeline, and we at Bronc Parts Pro can't wait to help you make these dream upgrades a reality. Stay tuned for more details!

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