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Bronco Makes Car and Driver's Top 10 for Second Year in a Row

Bronco Makes Car and Driver's Top 10 for Second Year in a Row

Hey folks, we've got some exciting news! The 2023 Ford Bronco (along with the Maverick) has made it onto Car and Driver's “10Best Trucks and SUVs” list, for the second year in a row! The guys over at Car and Driver reviewed the both vehicles on a 100-point scale and picked them based on how well they delivered on their intended purpose, their value, and how fun they were to drive.

Jim Baumbick, vice president of Ford product development operations, cycle planning, and internal combustion engine programs, said it was an honor for the Maverick and Bronco to receive this recognition. He also mentioned that both vehicles were designed to meet customer needs and provide iconic vehicles that people love to drive.

According to Car and Driver, the Ford Bronco is still holding strong, even though it's not the shiny new kid on the block anymore. They praised its supreme open-air off-road capabilities and tolerable highway manners. They also mentioned some of the new models, like the retro Heritage, the swamp-creature Everglades, and the all-conquering Raptor. They even had some recommendations for which model would be best for different types of drivers, from minimalists to realists to survivalists.

This is just one of the many awards and honors that the Bronco and Maverick have received since they were unveiled last year. The Ford Bronco has been named the 2022 North American SUV of the Year, the 2021 American Car of the Year by Top Gear, and has won several other awards, including the 2022 Forbes Wheels of the Year and the 2021 iF Design Gold Award. The Maverick has also received several accolades, including being named the 2022 Truck of the Year by Motortrend and the 2022 Green Truck of the Year by Green Car Journal. Keep an eye out for the full list in Car and Driver's February/March issue!

Image Credit: Ford

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