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2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Special Edition

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Special Edition

Time to kick up some dust, turn up the tunes, and dive right into that free-spirited nostalgia. Ford is throwing it back to the 70s with its 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling special edition. This is no ordinary addition to the Bronco Sport lineup; it's a colorful salute to the groovy, sunset-hued Ford Free Wheeling vehicles of yesteryear.

Remember those iconic Free Wheeling trucks, vans, and Broncos that Ford graced us with in the late 70s? Well, if you loved the stunning color gradient graphics, black finishes, and the general air of coolness they exuded, then you're in for a treat. Ford is bringing all that back to life, adding a touch of modern flair, of course, but staying true to that retro vibe we all loved so much.

Back in the day, the Free Wheeling package was a limited-run trim level available on a range of Ford's vehicles, including the F-100, F-150, Bronco, and Econoline van. Apart from the eye-catching graphics in red, orange, and yellow gradients (which, by the way, became the package's defining element), this package also boasted painted steel wheels and stylish black finishes on the grilles, mirrors, and bumpers. And let's not forget the striking red and orange pinstriping that adorned the dash and seat stitching. 

It's worth pointing out that Ford introduced us to this unique aesthetic not too long ago. We laid our eyes on Ford's Bronco Sport Free Wheeling concept vehicle at SEMA back in 2021. Its retro vibe made a pretty big statement in Ford's booth, even compared to the other Broncos and Bronco Sports on display. It looks like they've carried over almost every detail from the concept to the final production model. 

Free Wheeling SEMA 2021


As Jason Hyde, the Bronco Sport Marketing Manager, put it, "Bronco customers appreciate its heritage." And why wouldn't they? There's something genuinely appealing about honoring tradition while embracing innovation. This special edition ties the Bronco Sport back to its 'fun-loving roots', which we think is nothing short of fantastic.

Like its predecessors, the 2024 Bronco Sport Free Wheeling special edition showcases reflective red, orange, yellow, and silver graphics that adorn the body sides, liftgate, and hood. But it doesn't stop there! A silver-painted grille with two-tone Bronco badging, a modified lower front end insert, a Shadow Black roof, and 17-inch high-gloss black wheels with red accents make this new model truly stand out.

Free Wheeling Bronco Sport

Step inside, and the party continues. The interior boasts a sleek Black Onyx and Dark Space Grey finish, sunset-colored seat inserts, and ombre stitching. And just when you think it couldn't get any cooler, Ford throws in a Race Red C Channel and ombre stitching on the door trim. 

Free Wheeling Bronco Sport

Free Wheeling Bronco Sport


Like the Heritage editions, we can't wait to see this beauty on the streets. Here's to hitting the open road with style, performance, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. Happy trails, Bronco fans!

Image Credit: Ford and the Author

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