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SBF EFI Intake Manifold 4150 Flange

SKU: H00E 300-277


The new single plane intake manifolds are designed to provide a broad RPM powerband for high-performance street/strip engine applications to a maximum engine speed of 7500 RPM. The carbureted manifold has a 4150 flange to work with all mechanical secondary square bore carburetors. These intake manifolds are designed to accept most stock hardware and accessory brackets, but offer performance features like better plenum and runner geometry for improved charge airflow. The isolated design of the air/fuel passages helps to increase charge air density and performance. The intake manifolds are designed for use with 289-347 cubic inch Small Block Ford engines with a 8.2 in. deck height.


  • Single Plane With Isolated Plenum
  • 4150 Square Bore Mounting Flange
  • Power Band 2500-7000 RPM
  • Anodized Aluminum Fuel Rails
  • Incl. Fuel Rail Mounting Brackets

Single Plane Intake Manifold Kit | Carbureted | 5.58 in. Front Height/Rear 6.40 in. | RPM Power Band 2500-7000 | For Use w/Ford Small Block |